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In this section you will find information concerning the website WANTEDPARIS.COM
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1. You want to pick a picture randomly from our different catalogues and categories
search in «artwork per categories»
2. You wish to have an insight view of our artists work ;
go to «artists»
Then ,
  • • Choose an artist, and get to know his available pictures, biography and history.
  • • Among the collection of photographs, choose the one you want.
  • • Once chosen, you may enlarge the photograph, and get a better idea of the pictures sizes and on the right of the screen see how it'll look at home.
  • • If you like this photo, check the different framing options - «frame and/or order» , then you may add it to your basket, or order it straight away.
Find out more about your «first purchase»
You are looking to purchase, but first of all you would like to be sure of the authenticity of the artwork, that payment is secure, information privacy, shipping insurance...click on the button "Our guaranty" at the bottom of the page.
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The "SEARCH" tool on the right-hand side of all pages may help you make a choice, upon different criteria :
  • • A simple search by categories (architecture, landscape, nude...) or by artist's name is directly accessible.
  • • Refine your search by clicking on the button "More search options". This search page will enable you to sort out the artwork by price and/or by type (nude, landscape, portrait, ...) or by artist.
    Then click on «search». You may refine again your search by changing one or more criteria. Just click then on the artwork you like.
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Click on the button "Who are we" at the bottom of the homepage.
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A cookie is a registered piece of information left by wantedparis.com on your computer and is only there to make browsing the website wantedparis.com easier (the cookie cannot contain a virus, nor be activated, it is not active, it only depends on the machine, not on the person who's using the machine).
It enables you :
  • • To benefit from our personal advice
  • • To be informed about promotional offers on certain products if you are customer or subscriber
  • • To remember the items in your basket before making any purchases
This cookie can only be accessed by you or by wantedparis.com: you can read it, delete it, copy it, and change it manually if you so wish... Apart from yourself only the server wantedparis.com that has created a cookie can modify or remove it.
To know more about: "Security and confidentiality".
This site is edited by the company WANTED, SARL at a sum of 5 000 Euros, registered at the RCS of PARIS under the number 487 586 182, the main office is located at 11 cité Dupetit-Thouars - 75003 PARIS.


  • • Security of payment
  • The encryption process is an essential tool in assuring the security of your transaction. The site benefits from all the security procedures put in place by BNP PARIBAS, via their component merc@net. The latter uses the encryption procedure SSL to protect all your personal information in addition to details of payment.
To know more about "Payment methods".
  • • The Confidentiality of personal information
  • We are committed to the respect of your private life. We use the information that you give us for processing your order and for contacting you if necessary.
  • We will also use the information to inform you about any up and coming events and any new services, which may interest you. WANTEDPARIS.COM neither sells nor lends personnel details to third party people. We may eventually choose to do this with third party persons in whom we trust, however we will not do so without first asking for you authorisation.
  • For more information, consult the protection of your personnel details WANTEDPARIS.COM
  • In accordance with the law on the freedom of information of the 6 January 1978, you have the right to access or change any personal details, for further information, click here.
1. Authentication certificate of the artwork
Certificates of authenticity are delivered in order to assure the buyer that the artwork for which he is paying is in keeping with his purchase. It's a document, which proves that the print is really the work of the artists and not a counterfeit.
The certificates have to include the following information :
  • • The name of the artist to whom the artwork is attributed
  • • The title of the artwork
  • • The size of the print
  • • The printing technique used
  • • The year of production
  • • The artist's signature indicating that this information is correct
Each photograph acquired by Wanted is delivered with a certificate of authenticity and the signature of the author (sent in a separate slip).
2. What is an original work ?
According to the code of Intellectual property, an original work is a work personalised by the author. It thus immediately becomes protected by the code of Intellectual property, without any other formality. In silver the original can be an irreversible film or a print made by the author or under his control. A print remains in effect the interpretation of a negative that only the author can validate (respect of moral law), even if a negative is a template, which allows one to reach the work, it's therefore even more precious.
Numerically, it's the initial file of acquisition.
WANTED'S PRICES back to top
These are calculated so that you are able to purchase your heartthrobs without having to make any compromises concerning the quality.
The fact that the prices are lower than those normally charged by galleries, is because we run larger editions of each work: generally 50 to 120 copies rather than ten.
The prices can increase as we reach the end of the line. Your photograph thus has every chance of increasing in value.
1. With WANTED, you have 7 days to change your mind !
Whatever your reasons may be, we will reimburse you the full amount for items returned in good condition, according to the conditions below :
  • • The item has to be returned in its complete and original packaging with the bill within 7 days of receiving it.
  • • The cost of delivery on returning the item is at your cost and not that of the gallery.
2. In case of an unfulfilled order, you will be completely reimbursed
  • • We will commit to reimbursing you, or exchanging the items that do not correspond to you order. The order should be completed within the 15 days following the delivery.
  • • The postal charges will be reimbursed on the basis of the prices billed and the fee of return will be reimbursed.
To know more : "Conditions of use" article 2.2.
The General Conditions of sale define the conditions by which we sell artwork presented on our internet site WANTEDPARIS.COM as well as the rights and requirements concerning this.
In filling out an order form and placing an order implies your complete acceptance of the general conditions presented, which, added to the order form becomes your contract.
To know more: read the conditions of use.


PAYMENT back to top
The prices of the prints are indicated in Euros with all taxes included (VAT) except the shipping expenses. For France and the member states of the European Union, the prices are all tax included. (See "Delay and costs")
All the orders whatever their origin, are payable in euros.
The price displayed on your order form corresponds to the total cost for which you are accountable. It includes the price of the artwork, the cost of packaging and shipping.
In payment for your order we can only accept credit cards. We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, EuroCard-MasterCard, as well as cheques.
You communicate directly and securely with your banks secured payment server, which guarantees the confidentiality of the information supplied. The secure-payment-server checks the validity of the bank card used before authorising payment and automatically sends us the result.
On placing your order your account will be debited the payment in full.


MY ACCOUNT back to top
  • • If you are a new customer :
  • Your account is the first step before placing an order. It will enable you to place quicly your next orders and follow their different steps, from production to shipping.
  • To create an account,just click on "YOUR ACCOUNT" at the top of each page. Then click on "create your account", fill in a valid email address and choose a password.
  • Please make sure the email address is valid in order for us to contact you.
  • The choice of password is arbitrary but we advise you to use your usual password in order to remember it easily. However, it can be the same as the one you use on other online services, or different, it's up to you.
  • • If you already have an account with us
  • Log in from «YOUR ACCOUNT» or the link «login» found at the top of each page.
  • You may then follow your orders and access your personal information.
You can follow the progress of your order at any moment by clicking on "Your account" at the top of each page, then choose "CURRENT ORDER".
The different stages of ordering :
1. Placing an order
Placing an order leads automatically to an e-mail, being sent to the address indicated at the time of registration.
If you do not receive a message from us, the order might not have been confirmed. Click on the icon of your basket, on the top right-hand corner of all our website pages in order to check if the items that you wanted to order are still there. If this is the case click on the button "Place my order" to ensure that they are ordered.
If your order is no longer in the basket, check that you have not ordered it using a different e-mail account, or check that the address you filled in is correct.
In case of a problem or any doubt you may have, please contact us via the contact form.
2. Order in Progress
This stage is indicated by a second e-mail, 1 or 2 days after you've made your order. This means that your order is not yet in the process of being shipped and that the print(s) are in the process of production at one of our providers. If your order contains items that have different availabilities, all our items are nevertheless sent at the same time.
3. Order dispatched
This stage is indicated by a third e-mail being sent to you. This means that the order is in the process of delivery and has left the gallery on the date indicated on the "track your order", this is generally within 15 days following the placement of your order. The estimated date and time of delivery will also be indicated. It is not possible to cancel the order once it has gone into the process of being sent to you.
All our orders are dispatched by Chronopost and are delivered in the morning between 9h and 13h to the specified address. If you are not in when the package arrives it will be left at the nearest post office and your postman will leave "delivery slip" in your letterbox.
Despite our constant efforts, it is possible that there could be an unforeseen delay.
We ask you to wait a few days after the estimated delivery date, before getting in contact with us concerning the fact that the order has not yet arrived at its destination.
During this period, we recommend that you contact your local post office in order to check that they have not tried to make a delivery, as well as your neighbours or any other persons who may have received the package for you.
We also ask you to confirm that the delivery address that you indicated on your order form is correct. To do this click on the button "Client Information", located at the side of the order concerned to consult the delivery address.
If your order has still not arrived within three days of the estimated delivery date, please inform us by e-mail so that we can directly start the necessary searches.
4. Certificate of authenticity
15 days after sending your order, we will send you the certificate of authenticity by mail. This certificate will be sent to the same address as the ordered items (delivery address)
Please contact our client service as soon as possible :
  • • Forgot your email address ? Contact us and fill in your name, firstname, status and the other email address you wish to receive the information regarding your account.
  • • Do you wish to change your email address ? Sign in your account with your old email address and password, go to your «personal information». Fill in your new email address and confirm, it will be modified immediately.
  • • Cannot remember your password ?
  • Go to "Your account" on the log in page.
  • Enter your email address and click on "Forgot your password ?"
  • For security reasons, information regarding payment will be deleted.
  • • Sign in your account with your email address and old password, go to your «personal information». Fill in your old password and your new password as requested, then confirm. Your new password will be modified immediately.
OUR NEWSLETTER back to top
The newsletter will keep you updated of the gallery's news : indoor/outer exhibitions, international artfairs participation, photographers' news and new photographers... Our newsletter is monthly.
  • • You wish to subscribe to our newsletter? Just enter your email address in the appropriate field at the bottom.
  • • You wish to stop your subscription ? Click on the link found at the bottom of each newsletter we send you.


FIRST ORDER back to top
To order a print from our Website, all you have to do is choose the picture(s) that you desire, how you would like them framed and then "Order".
Once the order form has been filled out, corresponding to the contents of your basket, the names, the characteristics selected and the total price of the items, you can confirm by "clicking" on the appropriate icon.
Confirmation will automatically lead to a contract of sale for the artwork that you have ordered, on the condition that we confirm your order.
On receiving your order we will send an e-mail of confirmation, once we have checked the availability of the item and confirmed payment authorisation.
YOUR BASKET back to top
  • • Add an item into "your basket"
  • It's not necessary to have an account with us to add an article into your basket, you just need to click on the appropriate button available on each photo vignette, once you've chosen your favourite framing option.
  • Your browsing won't affect your basket's contents, each item being memorised.
  • Your basket review can be seen on the right-hand side column, and appaears on each page once a picture has been selected. If you are logged in your basket will be saved for your next visits.
  • • Change or remove one or more items in your basket
  • You may access the contents of your basket by clicking on the paper-icon found on the top banner of the screen.
  • For each item in your basket, you'll find the photographer's name, the picture's title, its size, the edition number, the printing technique, the framing option, the quantity of prints ordered and last the (VAT included) price.
  • You are free to modify, for each article, the quantity by the number of your choice. If quantity mentiones 0 print, then the item will be automatically removed and cancelled. The elements will be automatically recalculated if you change any of the fields.
  • At the end of the line for each article can be found a «trash» icon. You just need to click on it to remove a defined article. The basket total will be recalculated accordingly.
  • The action "Remove an item" works whatever the quantity associated with that item.
  • • Back to the product details
  • If you wish to return to one of the basket's picture, to see its characteristics or to go ahead with your orders, you just need to click on its title or on the corresponding image. Returning to this product page does not affect your baskets' contents.
  • To go back to your basket, click on the basket icon found on the top banner of the screen.
  • • 5. What happens after you've confirmed your basket ?
  • You want to place an order for the contents of you basket. To do this, click on the button "Order Now".
  • The first stage in placing an order is an identification screen: log in your "Client account" if you have one, if not then you need to create one.
  • You can return to the contents of your basket at any time in the process of ordering simply by clicking on the paper-icon.
Wanted Paris has chosen 3 types of high quality frames worked by professional teams :
  • • "Framing"
  • • "Mounting"
  • • "Plexi-mounting"
The choice between these options is given at the beginning of the order.
Find out more about "framing and mounting"
If you wish to give a print to one of your loved ones, all you have to do is simply to change the destination address when placing the order.
The delivery address can thus be different to the billing address. You can also send a message to the recipient accompanying the print.
VOUCHER back to top
You may also give a voucher to the amount of your choice. Call us +33 01 44 54 02 55.
Find out more about "art & design gifts"
You can contact us at any time if you would like to have more information about the artwork, the artist or even about Wanted Paris.
Address : Wanted Paris, 23, rue du roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris
Mail : contact@wantedparis.com
Phone : (+33)


The prints are sent to the delivery address that you have indicated during the ordering process. If you order a number of prints at the same time and these have different delays of dispatch, the delay of dispatch will be based on the order that has the longest delay.
Wanted Paris reserves the possibility to split the consignments, the handling and dispatch fees will only be billed as for one delivery.
The delays indicated on the order form and on the page "delay and costs of delivery" are only given as estimates relating to the handling delay to which is added the trajectory delay. These delays do not give the customer the right to cancel an order, to refuse it or to ask for compensation.
Wantedparis.com cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to trajectory delays.
We also invite you to regularly consult the progress of your order on the site and by calling the customer services for any questions or in case of any problem.
In the case of payment by cheque, the order will not be dealt with until the cheque has been received. As a consequence, the delivery delay only applies once the cheque has been received and therefore can be changed from the day of the order placement.
France (metropolitan) :
Total weight < 3 kg : 20 €
Total weight 3 to 8 kg : 30 €
Total weight 8 to 13 kg : 40 €
Total weight > 13 kg : 60 €
Europe :
Total weight < 3 kg : 80 €
Total weight 3 to 13 kg : 120 €
Rest of the world :
Total weight < 3 kg : 80 €
Total weight 3 to 13 kg : 150 €
The delivery address is the address at wich you'd like to receive your parcel. It's registered in your address book and will be used for your upcoming orders.
  • • When creating an account, you need to fill in your first name and surname, address, city and post code, together with the country of the delivery address.
  • • At any time, you may add a new address or change it.
To change your address :
  • • When placing an order, click on "add an address".
  • • In "Your account", click on "your address book" and then "add an address".
Should you wish to change a delivery address after your order has been confirmed, please contact us as soon as possible :
All our deliveries are insured.
However, please check the parcel contents in the presence of the carrier; if it looks damaged, even slightly, please report it to the carrier, otherwise the cover will not work.
RETURNS back to top
1. You would like to retract
You have a delay of 7 working days on receiving the package to repeal, in order to exchange the item or be reimbursed, without fines (except for the cost of returning the item, for which you are responsible). If this delay expires on a Saturday or a Sunday or a day off, it will apply from the next working day.
In order to exercise this right, you should contact us to obtain a returning number and send should take place within the delay period indicated above, by recorded delivery with the recipient marked as : WANTED PARIS, 11 cité Dupetit-Thouars - 75003 PARIS as well as indicating the reason for return. WANTED will confirm to you the address on return of the works.
2. Unfulfilled orders
Wanted Paris is committed to reimbursing or exchanging prints that do not correspond to the order. The order should be complete within 15 working days of the delivery. All claims made outside of this period cannot be accepted. The print(s) must be sent to Wanted Paris in the state, in which it/they was received, in the original packaging.
The cost of delivery will be reimbursed, based on the billing cost, as well as the cost of return, if the return is justified by a quality defect or in accordance with the order.
Whatever the reason for return :
  • • If you have paid by card, the amount to be reimbursed is transferred directly onto the account corresponding to the paying card used.
  • • If you have paid by cheque, we will reimburse the initial shipping costs (on receiving the packet by our services) if the return is due to an error on our part. Please note the cost of mailing on the delivery form that you should attach to the package.

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