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Robert Capa was born in 1913 in Budapest. Driven from Hungary by political oppression, he was first recognized for photographing the Spanish Civil War. Many know Capa for his powerful photograph of the death of a Spanish militiaman, which shocked the world with its intimacy and drama. In 1938 he recorded the Japanese invasions of China; and during World War II worked in London, North Africa, Italy, and then France covering D-Day on Omaha Beach, the liberation of Paris, and the Battle of the Bulge. In 1947, Capa co-founded the cooperative Magnum Photos which would become the world's most prestigious photographic agency. As a Magnum photographer and a Jewish émigré, Capa covered the creation of Israel in 1948. Away from the battle site, Capa was surrounded throughout his life by such luminaries as Ernest Hemmingway, Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, and Pablo Picasso. In 1954, on assignment for Life magazine, Capa went to Vietnam, where he was killed by a land mine.

2008: - “Grey matters - photography is thinking”, Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki
2007: - “Retrospective”, Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum, Wadgassen, Germany
- “Retrospectief”, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
- “Life/Style”, Monroe Gallery of Photography, New Mexico
2006: - “Photographs”, Magnum Print Room, 63, London
- “Retrospective”, Galerie der Stadt Fellbach, Fellbach, Germany
- “Robert Capa”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires
2005 : - “Off War - Robert Capa Without War”, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1 Space, Yokohama, Japan
- “The Robert Capa collection of the Hungarian Museum of Photography”, Kecskemèt, Hungary
- “Faces in the Crowd”, Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Torino, Italy


2007: “Berlin, Portrait einer Stadt”, Hans Christian Adam, Taschen
2004: “Magnum Stories”, Phaidon
“Robert Capa, Die Sammlung”, Phaidon
“Robert Capa, Der Fotograf des Krieges”, Alex Kershaw, Ullstein
“Robert Capa: Retrospective”, Nicolai
2003: “Robert Capa: Slightly out of focus / juste un peu flou », Delpire

Recent auctions:
2006: Sotheby’s New York, April, 22, Sale N08189
“D-day Invasion, Omaha Beach”, 9,600 USD 
2005: Sotheby's Amsterdam, January, 25, Sale AM0943
“Madrid, Spanish Civil War”, 7,200 €
“Spanish Civil War”, 10,800 €

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